To maeke ke fakaliliu e tau kupu komopiuta Palagi, lata ia koe ke fakamooli e tohi i lalo ti fina atu ke he lau fakaliliu. Ka fai huhu ti fakaaoga e lau Matutaki i luga ke tohi mai kia mautolu haau a tau manatu.

To be able to translate computer English technical terms, you need to register by clicking on the link provided below; register,  login and continue with translations.  If you have any questions, please use the Contact link above to send us an email.

Once you complete the login process, you will be required to select the Terminology file and then the niue_term.po file.  This puts you into the right place to suggest translations.  Click on the “Suggest” button to complete your translations or click on the either:

  • “Skip” – to move to the next word/term or
  • “Back” – to return to the previous word/term

There is also a “glossary.po” file in Terminology that you can attempt to translate.

The reason why we use the Sugar Labs translation website is because there is already such a service being provided and these folks are offering their assistance to help us. We thank them including others for their kind work to help out Vagahau Niue.